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Testimonials from Past and Present Students

My name is Dominic Sykes and I am pleased to recommend Vector Technology Institute. I am Dyslexic and the Teachers at Vector, though they may not have been familiar with what I needed as a dyslexic student to succeed, they made every effort to accommodate my special needs in order to ensure my success. Today I am a proud graduate of the Computer Systems Technology Diploma Programme and I encourage anyone who wants to obtain qualifications in any information technology related field to visit VTI. It is the school of choice for your IT needs.

Dominic Sykes
DCST Class of 2019

Vector Technology Institute (VTI) gave me the foundation for the career that I am pursuing today. With my Bachelors Degree and certificates in Web Design and Development and Graphic Design (Level 1) from VTI and a certificate in Digital Marketing from Google I was employed as Head of Digital Marketing at a Marketing Agency at age 21. Vector also afforded me the opportunity to network with some of the best tech companies and Entrepreneurs in Jamaica and the Caribbean. This institution also afforded me the opportunity to represent Google back in 2017 when they came to the JCS BizTech Conference.

Terrence Muir Jr.

My name is Nadia Scott. I am currently pursuing my BSc in Information & Communication Technology at Vector Technology Institute. So far, my experience at Vector is excellent; the teachers are among some of the best people within their field. What got me excited is how Vector structured their module syllabus in which they tie in international certifications like CompTIA and Cisco certifications in which by doing this you know you're always getting the current global standards. So, will you always be ahead of the game.

I am also excited about Network & Cybersecurity. They have modules and certification in which can help me achieve my life goal to enter the Information Technology area of CyberSecurity. I believe that most people aren't aware that Vector is also a certification centre, where you can also do your international certification. I am glad I choose Vector to pursue my first degree. The school environment is a home away from home. The admin staff and the teacher are always there ready to assist you.

Nadia Scott
BSICT Student

I have been affiliated with Vector Technology since 1994 when I first did the Computer Technician Diploma. Years later I returned and successfully completed the BSICT. I have found the classes, facilitators, and facilities at Vector to be so oriented that anyone who successfully completes their studies at Vector is market ready and can immediately beginning contributing to or working in the ICT industry. Vector essentially provides a solid education base with exposure to industry leading technologies, systems, processes and standards so that its alumni can become market leaders and change agents in all spheres of ICT and related discipline. I recommend studying at Vector Technology Institute for anyone that has an interest in ICT as the rewards and the return on investment will be massive.

Maurice Marshall, BSICT, A+, Network+
BSICT Class of 2019

Throughout my four-year bachelor’s degree journey at Vector Technology Institute, I have gained a wealth of knowledge that can be accredited to the institution’s focus on the blending of practical IT training into the course structure at every step of the way. I can honestly say that I have no regrets and would wholeheartedly recommend this institution to individuals looking for practical, technical IT training.

Matthew Josephs
BSICT Class of 2019