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Message from the Desk of the President concerning the COVID-19 pandemic

As we continue to monitor developments locally regarding the spread of the COVID - 19 (Novel Corona Virus), our priority is the health and safety of our Student population, Faculty and Administrative staff. We have therefore activated a campus wide safety programme featuring:

  1. risk reduction through social distancing in keeping with the directives of the Government of Jamaica related to group assembly,
  2. maintaining a clean environment and
  3. encouraging healthy personal practices.

As a result, the Institute will cancel group related activities (such as formal on-ground or face to face classes), maintain a clean class environment, and require healthy practices through the use of sanitizers and regular hand-washing with soap and water. Activities involving very small groups of two or three persons will be placed in controlled, clean environments where the prescribed social distance will be maintained. Individual activities such as certification testing will be scheduled and controlled by the programme coordinator.

If you are experiencing any flu like symptoms such as coughing, sniffling or experiencing a fever, please a) do not attempt to access the campus and b) consult a medical practitioner.

In the meantime, the Institute will be assiduously working to increase the deployment of online technology. All hybrid courses and face-to-face classes will be converted to full online modality. Because not all courses are ready to be delivered online, we may need to adjust your schedules by altering the order in which some courses were expected to be delivered. This should have little or no long-term impact as the conversion progresses.

If you are unsure whether your activities will be affected, I encourage you to contact the programme coordinator for details.

During this period of public emergency, we encourage you to inform yourselves through credible sources, do not panic but take the necessary steps to protect yourself, your loved ones and fellowmen as we overcome this challenge together.


Dr. Wayde Marr
Vector Technology Institute




Board of Governors: Dr. Wayde Marr, Mrs. Karen Marr-Bruce, Mr. Carl Scott, Mr. Raphael Barrett, Mr. Whilston Taylor, Ms. Greta Bogues, Mr. Michael Jureidini