Certified Fiber Optic Technician Levels 1 & 2

The Fiber Optic Association (FOA) is a registered international non-profit professional society for the fiber optic industry. Its charter is to develop educational programs, certify fiber optic technicians, approve fiber optic training courses, participate in standards-making processes and generally promote fiber optics. As at August 2017, the FOA has certified over 67,000 CFOTs (Certified Fiber Optic Technicians) through over 250 approved training organizations worldwide.


VTI offers a number of courses that prepare you for sitting FOA Certification examinations. As an approved school with the FOA, all instructors are certified in the courses that they teach. At the end of each course, students are tested and upon successful completion, are awarded the appropriate VTI certificate. However, this certificate does not replace any of the FOA certifications listed below. Candidates are required to register for FOA examinations separately. Examinations are proctored at VTI under the rules and regulations of The Fiber Optic Association.


The FOA offers three levels of fiber optic certification:
First Level Certifications:
There are three certifications which can be taken for first time membership in the FOA.  Any one of these may be used for new FOA members and any one holding one of these certifications can take the certification exams for the others if they have appropriate experience or training for that specialty.
CFOT® - Certified Fiber Optic Technician for general fiber optics applications. CFOTs have a general knowledge in fiber optics that can be applied to almost any application - outside plant, premises, manufacturing, etc.
CPCT - Certified Premises Cabling Technician includes fiber, copper and wireless in building and campus networks. Recommended for those working in enterprise networks (LANs) and building security and management systems.
CFospT - Certified OSP Technician for outside plant fiber optic installation. Aimed at technicians working in outside plant cabling for telecom, CATV, security, utilities, municipal networks, etc. (In process for Fall 2010.)
Advanced Certifications:
AFOT - Advanced Fiber Optic Technician certification is available only from FOA-approved schools teaching extended courses. AFOT students have more in-depth knowledge on a broad range of fiber optic topics and more hands-on labs.
Specialist Certifications:
CFOS or Certified Fiber Optic Specialist. The specialist level, CFOs tests for the applicant's level of knowledge of fiber optics in a broad-based exam that covers technology, components, installation and testing. 
CFOS/S: Specialist in splicing optical fibers, including fusion and mechanical splicing of single fibers and ribbon/mass splicing.
CFOS/C: Specialist in fiber optic connectors, covering all types of adhesive/polish and prepolished/splice terminations for multimode and singlemode fiber.
CFOS/T: Specialist in fiber optic testing, including visual inspection, visual tracing and fault location, insertion loss testing, OTDR testing, return loss/reflectance, chromatic dispersion, polarization mode dispersion and spectral attenuation.
CFOS/D: Fiber optic network design covering how to design the route of a network, choose components, plan the installation, set up a test plan, and all other aspects of overseeing a fiber optic project.
CFOS/I: Instructor certification required of all instructors at FOA Approved training organizations. Only available to instructors teaching FOA certification courses associated with a FOA Approved school.

CFxT - Certified Fiber Optic Technician for FTTx covers fiber to the home, fiber to the premises, fiber to the curb and fiber to the business.
Courses Offered By VTI:
Fiber Optics Level 1This important fundamentals course covers the material required for sitting the FOA CFOT certification examination. Practical elements are also included. Courses are typically conducted over 5 days.  VTI certificate is awarded upon completion.

Fiber Optics Level 2 This Advanced course covers the material and hands-on activities required for sitting the FOA AFOT certification examination. Courses are typically conducted over 4 days.  VTI certificate is awarded upon completion.

Specialist level Courses separate specializations in Splicing, Termination, Testing or Design. These courses are specially arranged based on demand. Courses cover the material and hands-on activities required for the associated Specialist certification; ie. CFOS/C, CFOS/S, CFOS/T or CFOS/D.
*Reference – official website of The Fiber Optic Association http://www.theFOA.org